Stunning View

Stunning View
The beautiful Xlendi Bay in Gozo; photograph copyright of Freya Barrington

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that my long awaited novel CAUGHT IN TRAFFICK is now available from Amazon and other outlets as a paperback and a download. Please follow the link below;

The sequel to my debut book Known to Social ServicesCaught in Traffick picks up the story of Diane Foster; the social worker who was unfairly vilified for the death of a baby on her caseload. Diane is with her partner Ethan Montana in Thailand on a working holiday when they unwittingly become entangled in a complex and ruthless network of organised crime and child trafficking, which stretches from Bangkok to Pattaya.

The terrifying experiences of the children, and those striving to secure their liberty, provides a gripping and startlingly disturbing glimpse into the world of child trafficking.

Thousands of children worldwide are sold, kidnapped or simply given into the harrowing and frightening world of child trafficking, from which few escape. I wrote Caught in Traffick in the hope that the book will raise awareness and perhaps even challenge people’s views on this most heinous issue.

Thank you for the ongoing support.

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Book Information

In Freya Barrington's previous book, 'Known to Social Services', Freya Barrington gave us a frighteningly realistic insight into the harrowing world of the child protection social worker. Based on her own experiences, the book was a revelation and occupied the number one spot for social work books on Amazon UK within weeks of release and went on to win the autobiography/biography/memoir section of the 2015 London Book Festival and received an Honourable Mention at the 2016 Paris Book Festival. 

'Caught in Traffick' is the sequel to 'Known to Social Services', and continues the story of social worker Diane Foster. Set mainly in Thailand; Diane and her partner Ethan are on a working holiday, blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking against the beautiful backdrop of white beaches and glorious monuments. When four-year-old Darcie Taylor is abducted from a crowded beach, Diane and Ethan find themselves sucked into the horrifying world of child trafficking. When Darcie’s abduction is followed closely by the kidnap of another child, there can be no doubt that a well co-ordinated gang is operating in the area. 

A chance meeting with the Director of Social Services Nicholas Bishop leads to a shocking revelation about the man who is still Diane’s most senior manager. Together, they become embroiled in a dangerous web of subterfuge and corruption, where organised crime syndicates and depraved sex offenders engage in a desperate battle of wits against those dedicated to their downfall. Trapped within this labyrinth of immorality are the children, who are sacrificed on the altar of greed and perversion for financial gain. With the gang’s tentacles reaching across to England, Diane is shocked to find herself faced with some old adversaries. With gripping twists and turns, hair-raising rescue attempts and heart breaking tragedies which leave you in despair; 'Caught in Traffick' will open your eyes to the disturbing underground world of child trafficking.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Gozo Is the Grass Greener? Features in "My Gozo" Magazine

I am very pleased to announce that my award winning book about Gozo, features in the latest edition of the magazine “My Gozo”. The article can be found on pages 42-43.

Many thanks to the Editor in Chief Mark Duffy for the article.

The magazine can be read online by following this link;

Alternatively, the magazine is available FREE throughout Gozo and Malta.

Gozo Is the Grass Greener? has now won 2 awards;

Honourable Mention in the autobiography section at the 2015 London Book Festival

Winner of the autobiography section at the 2016 Paris Book Festival

Thanks to all who have offered support

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Gozo Is the Grass Greener Scoops Top Prize in Autobiography/Biography Section in Paris

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my book Gozo Is the Grass Greener? Has WON the top spot in the autobiography/biography section of the 2016 Paris Book Festival.

The book's win in Paris follows on from its success in London

Already the winner of an Honorable Mention at the 2015 London Book Festival, the book tells the story of my husband Steve and I, as we left the UK in 2010 to go and live on the beautiful island of Gozo in Malta.

Filled with anecdotes, both humorous and sad, the book offers an inside glimpse of life on this small and increasingly popular island.

Thanks must go to Faraxa Publishing for publishing the work, and to Neil Whittaker for his photographs which appear in the book. Also a special mention to illustrator, Michael Martin who so brilliantly penned the front cover. Michael is the current illustrator of the Daily Mail’s much loved Fred Basset.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in downloading or buying the book and offering a steady stream of encouragement.

Also at the same Festival, my debut book about social work, Known to Social Services won an Honorable Mention in the general non-fiction section.

A winner in London and an Honorable Mention in Paris

We hope to attend the winners dinner in Paris in June – good thing we live in France now J


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Holiday Reading - Gozo Is the Grass Greener?

Gozo Is the Grass Greener? Is an award winning book about the lives of two ordinary people - namely my husband Steve and I. The book asks the question, Is the Grass Greener? This relates not only to our move from the UK to the small and stunningly beautiful island of Gozo, but also in relation to us as a couple.

Book cover, brilliantly illustrated by Mick Martin who is the current illustrator of Fred Basset in the Daily Mail

Gozo Is the Grass Greener? Is not intended as a tourists guide to Gozo, neither is it a handbook on “Things to Do In Gozo”, though there is a wealth of information in the book in that regard. The book is simply an emotive, yet honest narrative about our move to Gozo AND our relationship as a new couple and all that can entail, hence the question, Is the Grass Greener?

Steve and I married while in Gozo - Ollie the 21 year old lurcher was best man!

Illustrated with photographs by our dear friend Neil Whittaker, the book is filled with anecdotes, both humorous and sad. You’ll read about our hair raising drive across the alps in snow and ice, towing a 2 ton box trailer, meet a stroppy teenager with all her angst, and hear about our fun-loving crazy lurchers. I have included a candid bio about Steve’s bipolar disorder and explain how we, as a couple cope with that in our daily lives in the hope it will help others in similar circumstances.

The famous trailer with all our belongings in it

Then, there is Gozo itself and all the charms it has to offer. I include many details about daily life on this friendly uncomplicated island, along with some laugh out loud interactions with the locals. Read about our successful singing career; in hotels, restaurants, roof tops and even on beaches!

Having fun singing at The Captain's Table in Xlendi

Gozo Is the Grass Greener has widespread appeal, and makes ideal holiday reading.

Beautiful Gozo

So, WAS the grass greener? Ahh that would be telling; you’ll have to read it for yourself and find out; maybe you'll even visit Gozo and share in some of the wonderful experiences we were lucky enough to have during our time there J Happy holidays everyone.

Gozo Is the Grass Greener? won an honorable mention at the 2015 London Book Festival. Published by Faraxa Publishing and available via Amazon and good book stores.

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My latest novel about child trafficking, titled Caught in Traffick is due out later this year.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Memories of Gozo

It is almost a year since Steve and I left our lovely home on the tiny island of Gozo, which is part of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean.  After leaving Gozo, we spent several months in the south of France, before moving to southern Spain where we have spent the last three months. We are about to move again, but that is another story. As we once again start packing up our belongings to move house; for the 7th time in ten years may I add! I can’t help but think of Gozo and the happy five years we spent there.

Beautiful Gozo

I tried to put my finger on one thing I miss about Gozo, but I found I couldn’t narrow it down. I simply couldn’t name ONE thing about this island of magic, as there are so many things I miss. Instead, I decided to make a list; not a list of tourist attractions or things to do, but things I miss. So, here are the top five things I miss about Gozo.

   Friends; in the five years we lived in Gozo, Steve and I made more friends than we’ve ever made anywhere else we have lived. That remains true today. There are many ex pats living in Gozo and we quickly built up a core group of true friends who could be counted on in any event, no matter what time of day or night. We miss our friends; we miss the spontaneity of that knock on the door as they called to see us. No arrangements were required; it was just the accepted thing that people turned up, the frying pan went on and bacon sandwiches were made. We had friends who would do their weekly shopping, then visit us armed with donuts to share; things like that. I recall on many occasions, friends would call around lunchtime, and still be with us in the early hours of the morning! At regular intervals during that time, I’d rustle up some food, open a bottle of two of wine, and we’d just talk and laugh all day. Good times, such good times J

At one of our favourite places, the Cornucopia Hotel in Xaghra where we got married

Some of our friends left Gozo while we were still there, and we missed them. However, we could guarantee that when they came back to visit, we would all meet up, and pick up where we left off, such was the close relationships we were lucky enough to share. I miss going down to Smiley’s in Marsalforn, or Kozmo in Victoria, or the tiny café down at the Inland Sea. It didn’t matter where we met, what mattered was the company. Whether it was just us plus another couple, or the whole group of 10 or more, we laughed, we cried, we shared griefs and joys – after all, that’s what friends are for. Yes, we miss our friends and I am very saddened to say that some of them are never coming back. Make the most of it folks, we’re only here once.

Just some of the wonderful friends we made in Gozo

We also had many Gozitan friends, who embraced us and accepted us as part of the scene. One time, Steve and I had been on the bus and were chatting to the driver who we had come to know well. We knew that Gozo had become our home as he waved us off with a smile and said, “You’re locals now”. I recall another time we were on the Gozo ferry ,returning home after a trip to the UK. One of the workers on the ferry recognised us and simply said, “You’re home then” – I miss that.

   On the Gozo ferry

Xlendi Bay; Steve and I never lived in Xlendi, but our very first trip to Gozo in 2010 was to Xlendi, where we stayed in St Patrick’s hotel. I fell head over heels in love with the place and decided I needed to live in Gozo. Xlendi has a special charm and magic, which I have not found anywhere else on the island. Restaurants and bars line the sea front, the fish swim in their hundreds right next to where you sit, and are always grateful if you share your bread with them. It sends them into a feeding frenzy and used to keep me entertained while I drank my coffee. The water is a clear as glass and provides a safe haven for swimming and diving. However, if you visit on one of those blustery winter days where the rain comes down like stair rods, the sea will show its wild side and leap right out of the bay at you and onto the sidewalks, making it impossible to sit outside until it calms down. Many’s the time we’ve waded across the road in Xlendi after a heavy rainstorm, marvelling at the difference a few hours of rain can make.

Beautiful Xlendi

Steve and I had our own special place in Xlendi where we would go and sit. We would walk right along the side of the bay to the far end and sit on the bench there staring out to sea in simple silence. No words were necessary, such was the beauty of the vista. I miss that.

   Singing; Steve and I worked in Gozo as entertainers. Resident at The Captain’s Table in Xlendi, and regulars at many other places, we made many great friends through our singing. We performed on roof tops, on beaches, in squares, on the waterfront and of course in hotels, bars and restaurants. It was what we did, and we loved it. Our followers never ceased to amaze us with their creativity in ridiculousness. They loved to catch Steve out, and many’s the night he couldn’t sing for laughing. We both miss that.  

    Great times at The Captain's Table

The Simple Life; living on Gozo was so easy. We had left the UK due to never ending hassle in daily life. We’d had enough and were looking for an escape. We found it in Gozo. With a simple, slow pace of life, where everything seemed so straight forward, it was exactly what we needed. The sun shone most of the time, eating out was cheap and the food always good. Time moved at a leisurely pace, people were polite and friendly and life really was simple.  There was no crime that we were ever aware of, and you really could leave your car keys in the car and your handbag on a table without fear of theft. We were lucky enough to be in a position to pretty much please ourselves in what we did. If we wanted to go out, have a wander round the shops, a bit of lunch, a walk by the sea, then that’s what we did. We might pop to Marsalforn and enjoy the walk along the front; one or two coffees were always in order, along with lunch. 


  Everything came with a sea view of course. Other days, we might go down to the famous Azure Window in Dwerja and marvel at this well-known monument and wonder that it hadn’t fallen into the sea yet!  What we did not know was that one day, we would shoot a video here and sing right up on top of this most famous Gozitan landmark!

And here we are; rockin on the rock!

We always loved a trip into Victoria, where we would make our way through the lovely new park in the centre, and up to the market. We’d stop and talk to the stall holders. They would shrug their shoulders when we asked how business was, and tell us it was too quiet, or too busy. We’d bump into people we knew, stop to chat, or agree to coffee – there was always time for coffee. I miss that.

   Everything! It’s no good, I can’t narrow it down to 5 headings. I miss the lifestyle we had in Gozo, which I know we can never replicate anywhere else, because there IS nowhere else like Gozo, or should I say there was nowhere like the Gozo WE lived in. It wasn’t perfect, nowhere is. The winters could be wet, cold and fairly miserable. I certainly don’t miss that, but everything else ……………………..

When it rained, it REALLY rained!

It may be different now in Gozo, but the life we had for those five years was wonderful. We sang, had great friends, I wrote 2 books, we did car boot sales, which were so much fun. Hell, we even got married there! 

Our wedding day with 20 year old Ollie the lurcher as our best man!

I miss the beauty of the place, the colours, the cliffs, the sea, the ferry ride over to Malta. I miss the locals sitting on their doorsteps after the heat has gone out of the sun. I miss the lizards darting about, the flowers in May, the sound of that musical singsong language. I guess I just miss it all, so thank you Gozo, for everything. Things change, people change, and places change. But Gozo was just what we needed for the time we lived there. It was a time of healing, of simply being. I miss that and I know we can never have it again.

You can read all about our life in Gozo in my book, Gozo Is the Grass Greener? This is not a tourist's guide to Gozo, neither is it an exhaustive narrative about the pros and cons of the island. It is simply about our lives while living there, along with anecdotes and observations of life in general.  

Available from Amazon and published by Faraxa. Gozo Is the Grass Greener was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2015 London Book Festival.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

New book cover for forthcoming novel Caught in Traffick

I am delighted to unveil my new book cover for my forthcoming novel Caught in Traffick.

The cover was beautifully brought into being by Samuel Hurt of Misty Fell Studios in the Isle of Man.

Caught in Traffick is a novel about the dark and terrible world of child Trafficking in Thailand; it will be released later this year.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Exciting New Novel - CAUGHT IN TRAFFICK

I am delighted to announce that I have just about completed my latest book. This is my third book to date, and is a sequel to my debut bestseller, Known to Social Services.

The new book is titled, Caught in Traffick and is, as the title suggests, takes the reader into the terrible world of child trafficking. A work of fiction, Caught in Traffic picks up where Known to Social Services left off.

The book is set in mainly in Thailand, and features some characters from the first book, along with many new characters, who you will love to hate.
From an Organised Crime Syndicate with a megalomaniac leader, to abducted children and an intricately tangled web of blackmail, deceit and unimaginable horror, Caught in Traffic will take you on a roller coaster of a journey, complete with twists and turns and culminating in a jaw dropping finale.

So IS Nicholas Bishop the infamous NB – all will be revealed J

Not long now folks – watch this space.